So here we are, after only 20 months, at the final Talking Heads album. Now, I know it's obvious that I'm going to say this album is underrated, but I'm gonna anyway, cause it's true. I know it's not as good as the early ones, but honestly people, be fair. That hardly makes it bad does it?

Talking Heads - Sax And Violins

August 19th is international photography day.


Zoe said...

Hey!! I haven't looked at your blog for ages, as I am still sans internet. Really like the New York playlist. I will add all the tracks to my i-pod and listen to them while I wander the streets and visit the sites in September. P.S: 'King of the Beats' is an awesome track....but of course you already know that!

jamesinbrasil said...

Thanks, I wonder what had happened to your commenting. Come by more often!