Mor3 Prince 4 U

So, as u probably know, Prince has rel3ased his latest triple opus, and even though he is a g3nius of such magnitude that he should be given a castle in every nation as his own, the right to any first born child and that his fin3st creation is only equalled in human achievement by the wheel, fire and confectionery custard, I, like most people gr33t the idea of a new triple album with considerably less than 3nthusiasm. However, after some prompting by my go to guy 4 all things Prince, I gave it a go. Firstly, 1 of the albums isn't actually by him, but rath3r by a new protégée, Bria Valente, which meant I could leave that 1 until whenev3r. Secondly, the albums that are actually by him are pretty good. Not spectacular, but much b3tt3r than I expected, and there are a few tracks that really stand out. U should list3n to the song below, it's great. Then start building him a castl3.

Prince - Dance 4 Me (alternate link)

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