The song in my head...

Hello. I'm back. Having a job can really take up a lot of your time, can't it? So here's a new idea (to go with the new colour scheme). I'm going to post up whatever random song has entered my mind. It's a new series, and part of my plan to make this blog less considered and more random. Here's the first one.

I was at the world's largest indoor theme park the other day, queueing for 'the Pharaohs Fury' when four elderly Korean men, dressed in red trousers and stripey waistcoats, Dixieland style, came round the corner and performed a showtune on miniaturised brass instruments. I then imagined to myself what request I could make to stump and bemuse them. My first thought was play a Beatles song (obvious I know) and bang, quick as a flash they launch into this:

and it hasn't left my mind since.


David N said...

Very pink.

You using having a job as an excuse? Coz I have a job...and a kid...

This song is maybe my least favourite non-Ringo Beatles song. It reminds me of a US drama called, I think, "Life Goes On" about a young downs syndrome sufferer and his family. It was the theme tune. It wasn't a good show.

Welcome back, by the way.

jamesinseoul said...

The pink is a homage to the Korean man's penchant for wearing the colour. Good on 'em says me.

The job was an openly lame excuse. Well, not an excuse, more of a reason.

It's not their finest hour is it? But I suppose it lends itself to brass, if that's a good thing.

Nice to be back.

Jon said...

"and it hasn't left my mind since."

How very unfortunate.

The pink gets the thumbs up by the way