The song in my head...

All summer long, the songs that have have really lodged in my cheesebox haven't even been by musicians. I have written on here before about my love of the comedy song, and the best exponents nowadays for my money are Adam & Joe. Their Quantum of Solace themes, first broadcast last year and recently made available for download on their blog, are so catchy and superior to the actual theme that I think they've taken up about half of my vacant brain space in the last year.

Sontum Of Quolace - Joe Cornish

Quantum Of Solace - Adam Buxton

And not so catchy, but utterly brilliant, is Adam's drum n bass song about Ratatouille:

Ratatouille - Adam Buxton

Wonderful stuff. Best of all, they're now back on the radio, so more songs are coming our way. Huzzah.

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